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Secrets of Wealth Creation

Success in business comes from success in developing relationships with the right people, in a good way, with respect, trust, honour and integrity.

It is that relationship and its quality, that will create greater opportunities in life.


From ensuring the longevity of your business and empowering you to make a difference or preserving your wealth for future generations, we understand that peace of mind for the future is essential. With proven experience and invaluable connections, Sir Dr. Patrick Bijou specialist knowledge and skills draws on detailed insight into your wealth to ensure that your future lives up to your expectations.

“I believe that our first step in success is in learning more about those we come in contact with daily, then allowing the seed to grow in its natural direction.

What you get from working with me is a focus first on the relationship. Without that, no possible business transaction can succeed.

As the founder of  Secrets of Wealth Creation Club, I have followed this all of my banking and business life, and it has brought me incredible mutually beneficial relationships around the globe. Sometimes we become friends, too.

Those who are like-minded and hold the same core values will find this to be the case when you choose to work with me

I invite you to find out for yourself.”


Sir Dr. Patrick Bijou
Founder, Secrets of Wealth Creation